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Webinar  | 11 JUNE 2018

ACFO puts fleet fuels of the future in the spotlight at third members' webinar

Diesel, petrol, hybrid, hybrid electric and 100% electric are all in the mix depending on cost and fitness-for-purpose and to help fleet managers with their decision making a trio of experts will join the UK’s premier fleet decision-makers’ organisation’s webinar taking place on Friday, 22 June at 12 noon.   

The webinar will be hosted by ACFO digital chairman Julie Summerell and digital secretary James Pestell and the expert panel assembled to make presentations and answer questions submitted before, during and after the discussions is:

  • Doug Hyett, national fleet sales manager, Volkswagen UK, who will focus on the diesel debate, current and future diesel challenges and provide a manufacturer’s view on future fleet fuels.         
  • Stewart Lightbody, head of fleet services, Anglian Water Services, and an ACFO member, who will provide a fleet operator’s perspective on the ensuing debate and will touch on the challenges currently being faced in managing a diesel policy, how drivers’ concerns are being managed and what changes should be made to future-proof fuel policies.        
  • James O’Neill, UK sales director, at international electric solutions provider Ensto, who will analyse the top five plug-in vehicle concerns facing fleet managers, the transition to a potential electric vehicle future and what is on the horizon.

Following ACFO webinars on last November’s Budget Statement from the government and the now implemented General Data Protection Regulation, the fleet fuels of the future webinar would, said Ms Summerell: “Tackle what fleet managers need to know in terms of both the key areas they should be focusing on and the questions they should be asking of their suppliers as they realign their fleet strategies to take account of a changing powertrain environment.”

Ms Summerell continued: “The ‘cafe-style’ webinars via presentations and an informal question and answer sessions have proved extremely popular with ACFO members. Judging from the feedback received.   

“The webinars are designed to confront head-on, with assistance from experts, the ‘big’ challenges that fleet managers are facing and future fuels is among the agenda-topping issues. The webinar will provide fleet operators with information and insight to aid decision-making.”  

The webinars are designed to enable ACFO members to obtain up-to-date information without leaving their desks on key announcements by legislators in Europe, Whitehall and at a local government level and insight as to how those measures will impact on their fleet strategies and long-term operations.   

Webinar registration is via the ACFO website at or at
The webinar will also be available as a download from the ‘members’ area’ of the website. Members unable to join the webinar may submit fuel-related questions for answering prior to or post the event via email to

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