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Fleet | 24 SEPTEMBER 2018

ACFO meets with European Fleet and Mobility Association and delivers the UK view of fleet to the United States of America

EUFMA was formed earlier this year by fleet associations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Now ACFO is engaging in a ‘fact-finding mission’ on potentially joining the group along with fleet decision-maker organisations based in France, Italy and Spain.

The national representative organisations will discuss the way forward when they all meet in Paris on Thursday, 4 October with ACFO being represented by deputy chairman Caroline Sandall.

Meanwhile, Mr Pryor will be representing ACFO and speaking at the Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association’s (AFLA) annual conference being held on Monday, 1 October to Wednesday, 3 October in Orlando. At the Conference, he will present an overview of the UK fleet market with the invite following ACFO’s decision last year to join the Global Fleet Consortium Network, which was the brainchild of the AFLA.

Mr Pryor said: “The UK fleet market is possibly the most mature in the world and ACFO has been a powerful force in its development over more than 40 years.

“A combination of factors including business globalisation and Brexit and the UK leaving the European Union as well as the importance of fleet decision-makers promoting cross-border collaboration and sharing best practice makes it is important that ACFO is involved in both organisations. While ACFO has not officially joined EUFMA, it is an organisation which we believe could be beneficial to our membership.

“UK-based fleet decision-makers with international vehicle responsibilities and fleet chiefs in other countries with some vehicles operating in the UK may need ‘local knowledge’ so it is important that ACFO can provide help and advice and also has partnerships with other representative fleet organisations that may be able to assist and provide information.

He added: “Over the years ACFO has been contacted by fleet organisations from around the world - as well as individual fleet operators - seeking help and advice. We have also hosted visits by fleet decision-makers from overseas and made reciprocal visits.

“Many of the issues confronting fleet decision-makers in the UK will be the same as those being tackled in many other countries, so it makes logical sense to pool our collective knowledge, experiences and advice and communicate best fleet management practice worldwide.”

ACFO was one of the founding members of the Global Fleet Consortium Network alongside the AFLA, the Australasian Fleet Management Association, the Asociación Méxicana de Arrendadoras de Vehículos, which translates to the Mexican Vehicle Leasing Association, and the China Road Transport Association.

Mr Pryor will address a Conference session entitled ‘The Globalisation of AFLA: Networking Consortium and Affiliations’ and join a panel question and answer session.

He will provide delegates with a view of the UK fleet market and the growing emergence of mobility explaining: “For years the company car had long been seen as a staple to how businesses remunerated their employees. This view is now going through a seismic change and opening up a wider choice for both companies and employees.”

Factors influencing the “perfect storm”, Mr Pryor will tell Conference delegates include taxation, environmental, political and vehicle technology changes, the influence of millennials, business operating changes and Brexit.
But, he will also tell delegates: “Fleet is forever resilient and whatever does come from this, we will cope. Perhaps we will have to change. But we have not been afraid of change and diversity before. In reality, we are all experiencing the same issues, perhaps more in some areas rather than others. In the end, running a fleet in the UK, Europe, USA or the world is not that different.” ·

Further information on EUFMA is available at and on AFLA at

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