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Joining ACFO is a great investment for any organization using cars or vans in the everyday course of their business, because we offer so much to help fleets and the individual employees who run them. Existing members know that ACFO membership provides significant benefits through its activities and opportunities. A high proportion have been involved over many years because there are always new challenges that ACFO can address on behalf of the whole membership.


Key benefits to ACFO membership include:

  • A flat membership fee, irrespective of fleet size
  • Full access to all the resources within the ACFO library including the latest Budget responses and manufacturers’ safety recalls
  • Immediate expertise on the hot topics including Duty of Care, lowering CO2 and alternative funding options
  • Best practice techniques and guides about controlling costs and other aspects of fleet management
  • Opportunities to see and study different approaches that work in other fleets
  • Access to templates, outline policies and other documents
  • Weekly NewsFeed with a digest of current industry updates, emailed directly to you
  • Advance notice of many tax issues (through our dealings direct with HMRC) and new regulations (from our work with DfT, DVLA and other agencies)
  • Opportunities to have your issues raised at national level


In a changing and challenging world, fleet operators and their managers need the support of a professional organization proactively identifying the needs of businesses and drivers, and in working with government departments on proposed legislation affecting fleets. ACFO provides that support.


"ACFO provides an excellent networking opportunity to bring us as a manufacturer together with end user customers in a forum where views can be shared in an honest and transparent way for the greater good of the industry."
Henry Williams, Head of Fleet - ŠKODA UK

"Broad representation of the large fleet and SME markets. Expertise at both individual member and organisational level. Networking and relationship building opportunity. Leverage of opinion and influence on key industry matters with BVRLA, HMRC etc."
Lesley Slater, Operations and Business Development Director – Leaseplan UK


"I have found ACFO to be an invaluable source of information via the online forums and regular meeting events. Much of how my fleet has developed has been due to the access of fleet professionals, both fleet managers and suppliers."
Eric Bristow, Business Analyst -Service Division – Hobart UK

"Being close to our customers is important to me and to us at SKODA. ACFO supports fleet operators and their managers in sharing of best practice and providing up front information to their members of upcoming legislative changes. Having a common voice of the Fleet operator helps us to better understand the changing landscape of the Fleet business in all regards. The insight we gain from these interactions is invaluable in helping to drive the industry forward."
Henry Williams, Head of Fleet - ŠKODA UK

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ACFO is essentially a single-tier, Membership-based organisation. Our structure is as follows:


This is available to all organisations in any sector of the economy (and qualifying individuals) who use cars &/or vans as part of their normal business activities. Members are represented by a named delegate – typically "fleet administrator/ manager" who receives the information we distribute. This grade is not normally intended as a "personal" membership.


Only available to extend an existing full membership, each associate is represented by a named delegate who receives the information we distribute.


This membership is available for those who have previously been involved in the fleet operation of a Member organisation, but who have now retired from full-time employment.

Full Year / Renewal Tariff

The ACFO membership year runs 1st January to 31st December each year. The full-year Subscription rate for 2018 is £230.00 + VAT.

(at 20%)
Member £230.00 £0.00 £230.00 £46.00 £276.00
Associate £0.00 £230.00 £230.00 £46.00 £276.00
RPM £20.00 £0.00 £20.00 £4.00 £24.00

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Fees for membership are set out in the 'Membership Tariffs' section.

(Please be aware that membership applications are subject to approval by ACFO's National Council.)

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