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NHS Blood and Transplant treads confidently with Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres

NHS Blood and Transplant treads confidently with Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres

Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres are helping NHS Blood and Transplant to deliver life-saving blood to hospitals and donation equipment for blood donor sessions, after the service selected the summer tyre with full winter capabilities for its 45 Ford Focus Estate rapid response vehicles.  

The adoption of a CrossClimate+ policy is the first-time in the organisation’s history that NHS Blood and Transplant has nominated a preferred brand and tread pattern of tyre, reflecting Michelin’s position in the marketplace.  

The move follows an extensive viability trial which also required endorsement from Fraikin, the sole fleet management provider.  

Larry Bannon, national fleet manager at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “When we get a call we have to deliver regardless of the weather conditions. Not reaching our destination because our tyres have let us down simply isn’t an option. If we don’t get there with our vital blood supplies, lives are at stake.”  

Commenting on the tyres’ launch, he said: “I was intrigued by the idea of one tyre being capable of handling all weather conditions. We organised some test sets and the feedback from our drivers was universally positive, with particular praise for the superior handling and traction.”  

Key to Fraikin’s decision to permit the new tyres as standard fitments was access to real-life test data from within the fleet which showed them to deliver at least the same mileage and performance as the existing tyres found on the fleet, despite the added winter capability.  

NHS Blood and Transplant previously operated a mixed-manufacturer summer tyre policy, replacing original equipment tyres like-for-like once worn. Each Focus Estate travels an average of 35,000 miles each year, and is on standby 24/7 to deliver everything from blood, blood products, tissue and samples to hospitals across England. The fleet also completes more than eight ‘blue light’ journeys per day, every day.  

Mr Bannon added: “We’ve never needed dedicated winter tyres because the primary routes to hospitals are the first to be gritted or cleared of snow. However it’s reassuring to know that we can now count on our CrossClimate+ tyres to keep us moving should we face unexpected weather, or journeys on untreated roads.”