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London Mayor unveils new checker scheme to identify most polluting vehicles

London Mayor unveils new checker scheme to identify most polluting vehicles

Fleet decision-makers will be able to access a free online ‘health check’ service to understand how their current vehicles perform and where significant improvements could be made to meet new London emission standards.  

The ‘health check’ service will launch in the autumn and enable fleet decision-makers to identify and avoid buying the dirtiest diesel and most polluting petrol cars and vans with a new emissions scoring scheme.    

The ‘cleaner vehicle checker’ will include test results for new car and van models on the market. It will also detail the emissions they produce on London’s roads thereby avoiding reliance on official testing figures.    

The scheme, according to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, will help restore public confidence following ‘dieselgate’, where many motorists bought ‘cleaner’ cars in good faith but later found out they had dirty polluting engines because of manufacturers using ‘cheat devices’ or flaws in the official testing process.  

Currently, cars only have to pass Euro Standards emissions testing, which is limited to laboratory tests.

The move forms part of Mr Khan’s plans to tackle London’s toxic air quality. He said: “My scheme will put an end to the smoke and mirrors that have been employed in official emissions tests.”  

The vehicle checker will use independent ‘on the road and real-world’ emissions testing provided by Emissions Analytics and the International Council of Clean Transportation (ICCT).  

The new scheme will help fleets prepare for the introduction of central London’s T-charge starting from October and for the commencement of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone starting in central London in 2019, subject to consultation, and which could be extended to the North and South Circular roads.