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Princebuild Turns to CrossClimate tyres for improved safety in all weather conditions

Princebuild Turns to CrossClimate tyres for improved safety in all weather conditions

Construction and property maintenance specialist Princebuild is rolling out Michelin’s CrossClimate+ and Agilis CrossClimate tyres across its entire 180 cars and vans.

The move is designed to ensure its fleet benefits from traction all year round thanks to Michelin’s latest generation summer tyres offering full winter capability.

The Peterborough-based company made the decision to switch after a meeting with Michelin showed the statistics and improved safety its CrossClimate range of tyres could offer.

The new tyres will be fitted to the fleet’s 60 Renault Mégane and Vauxhall Insignia cars and 120 Renault Trafic and Master vans, as wear dictates.

Being summer tyres makes adopting the new policy simple and cost-effective, as the CrossClimate+ and Agilis CrossClimate tyres can be fitted in pairs on the same axle. That avoids the need to replace all four existing tyres at the same time, as necessary when moving from summer to winter fitments.

Jonathan Brown, fleet and facilities executive manager at Princebuild, said: “The safety of our drivers is paramount. We want to make sure they have every confidence in their vehicle no matter what the weather - these new Michelin tyres are proving the ideal solution.

“We hold regular feedback sessions and are constantly hearing praise for the reduced braking distances and improved grip these new tyres are delivering.”

Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres offer the benefits of a summer tyre for dry and wet braking, energy efficiency and total mileage, while boasting the braking performance and traction of a winter tyre on cold, wet or snow-covered roads.

The Agilis CrossClimate is claimed to be proven to boost safety in all weathers whilst delivering high mileage, and impressive robustness, damage resistance and long-lasting performance, equating to low total cost of ownership.

That will provide Princebuild with longevity for the 35,000 miles each of its vehicles travel annually, helping to reduce replacement intervals and wheel interventions.

Mr Brown added: “When faced with unpredictable conditions we now know our fleet will be able to keep running and performance won’t suffer. Plus we’re benefiting from better all-round tyres which we’re projecting will last much longer, so we’re confident of seeing savings on a cost-per-mile basis too.”