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WH Kirk Transport Services sees increased efficiencies from moDel-VM

WH Kirk Transport Services sees increased efficiencies from moDel-VM

Nottinghamshire-based logistics company WH Kirk Transport Services claims to have seen a number of major benefits  from introducing moDel-VM, the standalone version of Ebbon-Dacs’ moDel solution, which improves vehicle collection and delivery efficiency.  

WH Kirk, a family-run vehicle logistics business that has been operating throughout the UK for almost 40 years, is located at Barnby-in-the-Willows, near Newark, Nottinghamshire from where it covers the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland.  

The company’s fleet of 10 transporters carry any vehicle from standard models, prestige, luxury and sports cars up to light commercial vehicles on behalf of leasing companies, fleet customers and motor dealers around the country, handling around 7,000 vehicle movements a year.

Because it works regularly with most of the UK’s leading leasing companies, the company has already had experience of using the moDel delivery solution, which is mandatory for most leasing companies using Ebbon-Dacs’ e-procurement platform, Leaselink.  

However, the business wanted a system that was compatible with users outside the Leaselink environment and selected moDel-VM, the stand-alone version of the system, in April this year. 

WH Kirk owner Jonathan Kirk said: “We wanted a solution for our smaller leasing company customers and motor dealers not on the Leaselink platform, and moDel-VM system fitted the bill perfectly. It now allows us to aggregate our new vehicle deliveries on one platform rather than a number of different platforms.  

“Prior to using moDel-VM, we had been using an assortment of manual point of collection and point of delivery paperwork, which meant that it could sometimes take several days for delivery details find their way back to us.  

“That is a thing of the past now as our drivers are using the new system on Samsung Galaxy tablets, which have larger screens than smartphone and allow them to show details to customers more clearly, with direct online input and photographic back-up of any issues.  

“We are now looking at new developments with Ebbon-Dacs that will allow us to record multiple vehicles delivered to one site, rather than having to record each vehicle individually, plus full integration with our back office accounting system.”  

The moDel-VM solution is now utilised by 16 logistics and delivery suppliers, handling more than 23,000 vehicle deliveries in the first six months of 2017.  

Meanwhile, Ebbon-Dacs’ original moDel system  now handles around 18,000 vehicle movements per month, mainly on behalf of major contract hire and leasing companies which are also users of the Leaselink platform, which sources around 150,000 new vehicles a year.