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Alphabet rolls out new online tyre service portal for drivers

Alphabet rolls out new online tyre service portal for drivers

Drivers of vehicles leased from Alphabet won’t be left feeling flat after they visit the company’s new online Tyre Replacement Portal, delivered in collaboration with Kwik Fit.  

In what is believed to be a first-to-market for the leasing and mobility industry, corporate drivers can arrange a timed appointment to replace their tyres online or via an app. What’s more, the new approach guarantees drivers get the right tyre at the right time - so no more wasted time hanging around or needless journeys.  

The new service offers corporate drivers the choice of having replacement tyres fitted at their home or office via a mobile service or at a fast-fit centre.  

The system not only ensures that drivers have the correct tyres available to them at the first visit, it also offers a choice of timed appointments at convenient times and locations for the driver. Crucially, it checks that the tyre the customer requires will be in stock when they get to the location to avoid delays or wasted trips.  

If the driver has had tyres replaced previously or used the portal before, it auto-populates their vehicle's tyre size and rating to save even more time on subsequent visits.  

Kit Wisdom, head of technical services at Alphabet, said: “The new portal approaches tyre replacement completely from the viewpoint of the driver and their needs.  

“Drivers realise that tyres are vital for safety and keeping on the move, but many find the business of organising a replacement cumbersome and making it happen can be a bit of a chore. We’ve built the system to make the process as easy as possible for our customers’ drivers to make sure the tyres on their vehicles are safe.  

“All they need do is enter their vehicle’s registration and then it’s just a few clicks - or taps on their smartphone screen - and the replacement is set up. We make sure the right tyre is available at the right time and in the right location, so after a pre-arranged appointment you’re good to go and back on the road.”  

An animated film has been produced to guide drivers through the process, which includes tips to help less-experienced drivers check their tyres for wear-and-tear or damage. Making tyre care both easy and convenient for business car drivers has obvious safety and duty of care benefits, as well as helping customers avoid unnecessary fuel costs associated with incorrectly-inflated tyres, according to Alphabet.  

The initiative is the latest in an ongoing effort at Alphabet to digitise services to customers and drivers.