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AA Trust launches free electric car driving course

AA Trust launches free electric car driving course

The AA Trust has launched what it claims is the first ever ‘drive electric’ course, free of charge and specifically geared to those who want to get the best out of driving electric vehicles.   

AA Driving School and DriveTech trainers have developed the ‘drive electric’ experience in conjunction with Chargemaster, the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

It is to be piloted in the Milton Keynes area with a view to be rolled out nationally. The launch of the course coincides the opening in Milton Keynes of the new EV Experience Centre.

Edmund King, AA Trust chairman, said: “We are approaching a tipping point as more and better electric cars come on stream. 

“‘Drive electric’ sessions, conducted by AA instructors, can either be carried out in the driver’s own electric car, or in one of the EV Experience Centre’s test drive fleet. The EV Experience and Drive Electric experiences will really put Milton Keynes on the map as the most go-to electric vehicle city in the world.”  

The AA, Chargemaster and DriveTech have developed the course to introduce participants to electric cars; driving techniques and how to obtain the best and most economical performance from them.  

It includes:          
  • Checking how to connect and disconnect to a charge point; introduction to controls, energy consumption displays, charge rate and range; eco features including ‘B’ and ‘Eco’ modes and remote climate control          
  • On the road driving techniques; early release of accelerator, using regenerative braking; how to most economical use of available energy; feedback from multi-function display          
  • Overcoming range anxiety; finding suitable charge points and how to use them; long journey planning; different types of charging point         
  • Safe driving including compliance of rules of the road and hints at reducing energy consumption  
Bookings for a session, which is free-of-charge, should be made through the Milton Keynes Electric Vehicle Experience Centre.