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EST launches search for 2017 Fleet Heroes

EST launches search for 2017 Fleet Heroes

The Energy Saving Trust is searching for its 2017 Fleet Heroes with the launch of the annual awards that recognise and celebrate sustainable fleet management.

The Fleet Hero Awards and Conference take place on 9 November. Now in its 12th year, the event moves to a new venue, the London Docklands Museum in Canary Wharf.   

The Fleet Hero conference will bring together transport sector experts to discuss the latest developments in fleet sustainability, air quality management, low-emission vehicles and more.

The awards recognise organisations and Fleet Heroes that are proactively cutting carbon emissions and managing air pollution through innovative transport policies, improved fleet efficiency, or the provision of cost and fuel saving products or services to fleets. 

Nine accolades are set to be awarded this year in the following categories: Best Business Fleet, Best Public Sector Fleet, Smarter Travel, Efficient Driving, Clean Air, Innovation, Ultra-low Emission Fleet, Ultra-low Emission Infrastructure and Unsung Fleet Hero.  

Further information is available at: http://fleetheroawards.org.uk/