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ACFO & ICFM to work more closely to promote benefits of professional fleet management

ACFO & ICFM to work more closely to promote benefits of professional fleet management

Two of the UK’s leading fleet industry organisations are to forge closer links to promote the benefits of professional fleet management and the importance of training and education, coupled with the implementation of best practice.  

ACFO and the Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM) will have representation on each other’s boards, share membership initiatives and join forces to collectively promote the benefits of each organisation and their respective conferences, seminars and other events.  

The development builds on an initial tie-up announced almost six years ago when the two not-for-profit organisations agreed to work in association with one another on areas of mutual benefit and promote their respective organisations to their membership bases.  

Well-known industry personality Nigel Trotman will represent both organisations on their respective boards to provide co-ordination. Mr Trotman, who worked in the fleet industry for more than 20 years before retiring last year, is already a board member of the ICFM and is secretary of the Midlands Region of ACFO and sits on the organisation’s National Council. He will attend ACFO board meetings in a non-voting capacity.

ACFO chairman John Pryor said: “ACFO represents the interests of fleet operators in the UK promoting their views to government, motor manufacturers and industry suppliers. It also promotes operating best practice and tackles key issues through regular conferences and seminars.

“The ICFM is dedicated to providing fleet managers, administrators, fleet service providers and those whose job responsibilities include fleet with the highest standard of education and training programmes which foster and promote best practice in all aspects of vehicle fleet management.  

“Fleet management is becoming ever-more complex as it is no longer simply about managing cars or vans, but about managing employee mobility. As a result employees with a wide range of job titles and operating in a cross-section of employment sectors - HR, finance and procurement for example as well as fleet - require greater knowledge and experience to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and value for money is achieved within their respective organisations.  

“Jointly promoting the mutual benefits of both organisations will, ACFO believes, increase professionalism across the fleet management industry and widen the membership base.” 

ICFM chairman Paul Hollick said: “The initiative to forge closer links with ACFO is a logical and progressive move and one that is completely in harmony with the objectives that I outlined in my keynote address at our conference in October last year.  

“We are in a sense ‘two halves of the same equation’ and the decision to work more closely together, will further promote best practice and raised standards within the industry -  something we are particularly passionate about at the ICFM.  

“The collaboration with ACFO now provides an additional dimension that will truly enhance our membership proposition and further promote added value and efficiency for their fleet operations.  

“My colleagues on the ICFM board and I are delighted to have secured this partnership with ACFO and excited by the opportunities and benefits that it will inevitably produce.” 

Mr Trotman, who transformed the Whitbread fleet into an award-winning operation over a 15-year period before joining Lloyds TSB Autolease and latterly Alphabet as a strategic fleet consultant, said: “I have always felt that the two organisations should work more closely together. Each organisation can assist the other and help the industry and I hope that is something which I can contribute to in this new role.”  

As a result of the closer tie-up measures initially taking place will include:
·         The promotion and sharing of membership initiatives
·         Each organisation promoting the other on their respective websites
·         Each organisation to have stand representation at the other’s events and source potential speakers
·         ICFM and ACFO to jointly consider the launch of new training courses.