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Wales Environmental clears the way for more Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Wales Environmental clears the way for more Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Liquid waste management and drainage specialist Wales Environmental is running its first Euro6 vans, a trio of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters which arrived via the Cardiff branch of Euro Commercials.

So impressed has the operator been with the customer-focused service it has received since acquiring its first Sprinter van from the manufacturer’s South Wales Dealer in 2015, that it returned late last year with an order for three new vehicles.  

Like their predecessor, all are long-bodied, high-roofed models and the subject of cost-effective CharterWay contract hire agreements with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. One is a second 5.0-tonne 516 CDI; the other two are 3.5-tonne 314 CDIs.  

Fast-growing Wales Environmental provides a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally appropriate effluent disposal and drainage solutions. The company’s headquarters are in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, and it supports some 3,000 customers located throughout the UK, among them high-profile names such as the Ministry of Defence, Welsh Water and Kelda Group. 

The latest Sprinters are based at its Cardiff Drain Cleaning Company operation on the city’s Alexandra Dock, and equipped with CCTV camera and high-pressure jetting systems, for identifying and clearing blockages.  

In addition to its truck fleet, Wales Environmental runs 40 vans across its various locations, nine of which are Sprinters - prior to embarking on its new relationship with Euro Commercials, the company had sourced its Mercedes-Benz vehicles from another provider.  

Transport manager John Jones said: “We’re now choosing the Sprinter for its reliability and durability - experience has proved that even with 300,000 miles and more on the clock, the engines just keep on going and you don’t get body components falling off, as you would with other makes of van. The Sprinter is equally popular with our operatives, who appreciate its comfort and reassuring array of safety systems.  

“As far as maintenance costs are concerned, the contract hire deals allow us to budget with confidence, knowing there are no nasty surprises around the corner. Not only do these agreements represent excellent value for money, they also mean that every three years we’ll get a smart new van.  

“This appeals because image is very important to us. Given the Mercedes-Benz brand’s reputation for quality, running vehicles with three-pointed stars on the front can only reinforce our own standing as a sector leader, committed to understanding each customer’s individual waste management requirements and providing efficient services, within budget, to meet those needs.”