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GreenRoad’s in-vehicle feedback to supplement Smith System’s hands-on coaching

GreenRoad’s in-vehicle feedback to supplement Smith System’s hands-on coaching

Technology-based driver safety specialist GreenRoad is to partner with Smith System, the provider of collision avoidance driver training, to offer a comprehensive solution of both in-vehicle driver safety technology and coaching and instructor lead training.   

The new offering is designed to proactively help organisations worldwide, including in the UK through Smith System EMEA, reduce the risk of accidents and risky driving for their mobile-based fleets.

Smith System’s instructors provide hands-on training to help drivers master the operation of any type of vehicle and properly react to situations on the road to avoid preventable accidents. Smith also provides e-learning and instructional DVDs and online videos, providing their programmes to drivers all over the world.  

GreenRoad’s solution monitors a wide range of driving manoeuvres and provides instant feedback for drivers to dramatically reduce driver errors and overall risk for organisations. GreenRoad also provides a comprehensive business intelligence platform with customisable reporting and analytics to track individual driver safety scores, reduce fuel consumption and other costs, and enhance overall logistics, compliance and efficiency.  

Frank Powers, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Smith System, said: “GreenRoad’s mobile technology application provides drivers immediate feedback on driving behaviour at the same time providing critical data to fleet managers who in turn can apply the Smith System proven training tactics that change driver behaviour.”

Smith System will implement GreenRoad’s in-vehicle monitoring system as part of its curriculum to support behind-the-wheel training and further improve and standardise driver coaching and feedback substantiated with data.  

Chief executive officer for GreenRoad Zeev Braude said: “Smith System’s proven instructional methodologies and years of unmatched excellence in the field of driver training combined with GreenRoad’s real-time, in-vehicle feedback solution will provide a comprehensive learning experience for fleets looking to train safer drivers and reduce their risk of collision.”