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Brake offers free webinar on the importance of managing driver eyesight in fleets

Brake offers free webinar on the importance of managing driver eyesight in fleets

Road safety charity Brake is running a webinar for fleet and road safety professionals on the risk of poor driver eyesight, and the importance of combatting it in fleets.

The latest webinar, ‘Look Sharp: Tackling Driver Eyesight in your Fleet’, is sponsored by Vision Express, and takes place on Tuesday 4 April.   It is, says Brake, an opportunity to hear from experts on the different aspects of eye health and the risk factors associated with various diseases.   Francesca Marchetti, council member at the Association of Optometrists and the Optical Confederation, will outline the legal requirements of driver eyesight, and present a cost/benefit analysis of regular driver vision screening. There will also be a case study from a fleet operator who has successfully implemented policies which incorporate the importance of eye health.  

Zari’aat Masood, professional engagement officer at Brake, said: “It is crucial that fleet operators are aware of the importance of managing the risks associated with poor driver eyesight. Road crashes involving a driver with poor vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties, and cost £33 million, per year in the UK. We ensure that our vehicles are fit for the road; it is vitally important that drivers are too.”

Omar Hassan, head of professional services at Vision Express, said: “We have been tirelessly campaigning to encourage motorists to have regular eye tests - to not only make UK roads safer but so professional drivers can safeguard their livelihood too. The ‘Look Sharp’ webinar provides the perfect opportunity for fleet and road safety professionals to fully understand the benefits of keeping stringent eye health routines.”

The webinar will be delivered by Brake Professional, Brake’s membership service for professionals working in the field of fleet safety. Brake Professional shares training, tools, and guidance on global fleet safety best practice with its members, as well as networking and development opportunities. To register for the webinar email [email protected] or book online.