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Barclaycard and TMC announce fuel card contract with Centrica

Barclaycard and TMC announce fuel card contract with Centrica

Barclaycard Commercial Payments, in association with TMC, has been awarded a contract by Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, to provide a single fuel card programme for its van and car fleets. The contract was won following a competitive tender process and will run for three years.  

Under the new contract, Centrica - which operates one of the largest fleets in the UK - will benefit from a single fuel programme for both its commercial and company car fleets. The programme combines a fuel expenses Barclaycard with audited mileage and comprehensive management information.  

Barclaycard Fuel+, in association with TMC, has chip and PIN security and global Visa acceptance, enabling Centrica drivers to refuel at virtually all petrol forecourts in the UK. At the same time, the TMC mileage system will give the company’s fleet managers complete visibility of their staff’s fuel spend and reduce costs by streamlining and automating processes.  

Steve Winter, head of fleet at Centrica, said: “Barclaycard Fuel+ in association with TMC is an exciting opportunity to take our fuel programme to the next level. The programme provides unique insight into behaviours and gaps that were previously not visible and difficult to manage or impact. Most importantly, the programme will enhance the ability of our drivers to prioritise safety and deliver cost savings to the business.” 

Michael Pechner, head of multinational corporate business at Barclaycard, said: “We are delighted to be working with Centrica, providing a fuel programme that will not only be simpler for their drivers and fleet managers but will also help the business reduce its fuel costs. Securing this contract really demonstrates the value of the Barclaycard Fuel+ in association with TMC proposition for larger fleets.”  

Paul Hollick, managing director at TMC, said: “It’s great that Centrica see the value in not only the unrivalled coverage that Barclaycard Fuel+ in association with TMC gives their drivers, but also the invaluable insight they will glean about driver behaviour and fuel spend. We are very much looking forward to working with Centrica on this analysis and of course delivering the associated savings that come with auditing mileage.”