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Arval UK’s expansion driven by a focus on people and service

Arval UK’s expansion driven by a focus on people and service

Arval strengthened its market position in the UK during 2016, delivering fleet growth of 8% to go beyond 160,000 leased vehicles for the first time and rank in the top three vehicle leasing companies in the UK.
The company said that growth spanned all segments, from large corporates with more than 1,000 vehicles through to SMEs with just one vehicle.

Significant business wins and outstanding retention performance bolstered the corporate fleet, while SME continued to be an area of strength, according to the company.  

Growth in the SME segments came through a combination of direct and indirect business, as broker, dealer and partnership channels all made an important contribution.  

That was achieved alongside the integration of the GE Capital Fleet Services business, which Arval acquired in late 2015. Throughout the year processes and products were aligned, systems migration allowed Arval to move customers and their drivers onto a single leasing platform, and all customers were now supported by Arval’s award-winning account team structure.  

At the heart of the strategy, said the company, was a focus on customer service which boosted customer satisfaction, something Arval measures through Net Promoter Score (NPS).  

Customers were also able to benefit from a number of unique products, including an insured lease vehicle package called Arval Total Care; Arval Active Link, which is a bespoke telematics solution built by Arval; Mid-Term Rental, which allows customers to flexibly meet vehicle requirements between one and 24 months; and a re-launched accident management solution.
Benoit Dilly, general manager of Arval UK, said: “2016 was another very good year for Arval in the UK, mirroring the excellent performance of the Arval Group. We were able to successfully combine the integration of the GE Fleet business with strong organic growth across all segments and pleasing customer satisfaction scores. Our ongoing focus on supporting our customers by developing our employees and providing unique and effective products and services really paid off, cementing our position as a leading player within the UK.”

Globally, Arval expanded its leased vehicle fleet by 8.4% last year, significantly outperforming the initial average growth target of 6%. Breaking through the one million leased vehicle barrier for the first time, Arval is now present in 28 countries, most recently in Brazil, Peru and Chile where it has around 30,000 leased vehicles.  

Arval said that key drivers in its worldwide growth were increased cooperation with parent company BNP Paribas Group’s retail banking networks, International Business Office which handles the largest international clients, and SME Solutions, which serves self-employed and small company customers.

“2016 was a tremendous year for Arval,” said CEO Philippe Bismut. “The millionth vehicle marked a clear turning point in the history of our company. It symbolises the success of our strategy and the unfailing commitment shown by our people.”