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Chevin encourages ‘spreadsheet fleets’ to reduce risk through management

Chevin encourages ‘spreadsheet fleets’ to reduce risk through management

Some businesses still rely heavily on spreadsheets or paper-based reporting structures to manage their vehicles, according to fleet management software provider Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The company claims that it often encounters quite large fleets that still use “dated processes and systems such as spreadsheets” as their primary vehicle management tool. The limitations and risks associated with using that approach always became immediately apparent, it said.

“Fleets running hundreds or more vehicles using spreadsheets or paper-based methods are going to struggle to deliver the levels of data and reporting structures often needed to effectively manage areas such as cost control and compliance,” said David Gladding, global director of sales and marketing at Chevin Fleet Solutions.

“Using such methods is a high-risk strategy that can prove slow, costly and hard to audit. Even the most basic software allows access to much more data and when supported by a mobile app, means real-time, paperless data capture for recording things such as driver walk round checks.”