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Chevin to support DVSA in new ‘earned recognition’ scheme

Chevin to support DVSA in new ‘earned recognition’ scheme

Chevin Fleet Software will provide support to the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) new ‘Earned Recognition’ pilot scheme.  

Chevin’s reporting system, FleetWave, can already be used to manage a number of functionalities including vehicle servicing, MoT renewals, driver and maintenance compliance and the management of online data, however, the software will be extended to automate reporting processes for the new DVSA scheme.  

Currently, when DVSA operatives stop a vehicle for checks they look at the vehicle’s safety, inspection, MoT and servicing records, as well as driver compliance, tachograph and defect reporting. While a highly important process, for many fleets it can mean significant downtime which affects operational efficiency.  

The development of the ‘Earned Recognition’ pilot scheme means that businesses will suffer from less downtime and any associated costs, as the DVSA will be satisfied on receipt of automated records - all of which will be audited and sent from FleetWave - that any fleet in question is compliant and legal.  

Its introduction will allow the DVSA to concentrate on stopping vehicles and businesses with less complete reporting structures and processes.  

Chevin has a very large number of clients and hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicles with highly detailed reporting which would qualify for ‘Earned Recognition’, and were invited to meet with the DVSA to discuss the pilot’s requirements. Due to the way FleetWave is set up, it is able to progress with the scheme and developments are now underway.  

FleetWave will automatically export compliance rate percentages in a colour-coded traffic light system to DVSA inspectors, further streamlining the process for auditing fleets with strong safety records and a culture of best practice which have volunteered for the pilot scheme.

Ashley Sowerby, Chevin managing director, said: “The Earned Recognition scheme has the potential to be game-changing, because it will allow the DVSA to concentrate its resources on the areas of concern within the commercial vehicle sector, while still being satisfied that excellently-run fleets continue to operate to a high standard, and then letting them get on with their business.  

“But for that to happen, the DVSA need well-presented, very accurate, complete records and verifiable data, and through our award-winning FleetWave solution and the mobile app which allows fleets to complete vehicle inspections which are downloaded straight into the system, we are delighted to work with them to provide that.  

“As a result, we have been speaking to a number of our clients - some of them very large, very well-known brands - about joining the scheme. This is a partnership between all stakeholders that will be for the good of the industry as a whole in recognising best practice, streamlining inspection, saving money for businesses and significantly improving fleet vehicle off-road time.”