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Girbau cleans up its van fleet with Mercedes-Benz Vito Urban Edition

Girbau cleans up its van fleet with Mercedes-Benz Vito Urban Edition

After sales support is an area where Mercedes-Benz Vans leaves the competition ‘hung out to dry’, according to Girbau UK, which is one of the reasons why the commercial laundry equipment supplier has switched to the three-pointed star.

The Mercedes-Benz dealer network’s round-the-clock servicing capability and the brand’s reputation for outstanding product reliability were both key factors behind the operator’s decision.  

A division of Girbau SA, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment, the Hitchin-based business acquired its new vehicles from the Milton Keynes branch of dealer Intercounty Truck & Van.  

It is now running a fleet of 26 mid-sized Vito Compacts, all of which are from the Urban Edition model line specially created for those who work in towns and cities. They have been assigned to engineers who operate nationwide, and are responsible for installing and maintaining Girbau’s range of washers and dryers, as well as its industrial laundry systems.  

The company has also recently commissioned a single 3.5-tonne Sprinter 314 CDI, which is used by its installation team, and has just ordered two more Vito models, one of which will be an extra-long crew van with second row of seats. The vans are fully racked out to carry a comprehensive inventory of spares and tools.  

Girbau’s new vans are the subject of a flexible, low-cost Agility finance agreement from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and are being maintained by members of the manufacturer’s franchised dealer network under a Mercedes-Benz Service Plan.

Girbau UK managing director Peter Marsh said: “We’d had a lot of problems with our previous vans and were having to wait weeks for repairs to be made. That’s not acceptable - our engineers respond to emergency call-outs from customers, as well as undertaking planned maintenance, and they cannot work without their vans.  

“This means reliable vehicles backed by fast, efficient after sales support are critical to our operation. I’m confident we’ve secured both by moving to Mercedes-Benz. The three-pointed star is synonymous with quality while the option to get our vehicles serviced overnight was integral to the Vito’s appeal. The new arrangement means our vans should always be available for work when we need them.”