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Brake publishes guidance to help companies ensure their drivers are fit for the road

Brake publishes guidance to help companies ensure their drivers are fit for the road

Road safety charity Brake has published new guidance to help fleet managers and HR professionals ensure their drivers are fit for the road.  

The new report, in collaboration with Teletrac Navman, focuses on the impact of poor health on an employee’s ability to drive.    

By examining eyesight, stress, and fatigue, the guidance report is designed to aid fleet managers in making drivers aware of the long term effects of poor health and the risk they can pose to themselves, the company and other road users.  

Drawing knowledge from a range of expert sources, the report highlights the legal and moral obligation employers have in ensuring they have strong policies in place to manage the risk from poor health. The guidance also focuses on ways to improve driver health and manage stress levels within fleets, to lower their road risk.  

The report includes practical advice in the form of a fleet audit document. While eye-tests are easy to pinpoint and report on, stress and fatigue can be harder to spot, said Brake. The guidance includes symptoms of stress and fatigue, so fleet managers are aware and able to make necessary adjustments to ensure their employees are fit to drive.   

Content within the guidance report also includes a comprehensive overview of the complications that can arise from poor driver health, and the importance of encouraging fleet staff to manage stress and fatigue, as well as eyesight.  

Zari’aat Masood, professional engagement officer at Brake, said: “Ensuring the safety of a fleet goes further than vehicle maintenance: the person behind the wheel also needs to be fit for the road. This crucial guidance report highlights positive steps companies can make to guarantee at-work drivers are safe behind the wheel.”

Peter Millichap, director of marketing at Teletrac Navman, said: “Fleet managers have a responsibility to their employees and other road users to monitor the health and wellbeing of their drivers, and take action if necessary. Teletrac Navman works closely with customers, using telematics technology to assess driver behaviour, and offering advice on best practice.”  

The guidance is available free of charge to all Brake Professional members through www.brakepro.org. Non-members can order the guidance from the Brake shop, or join Brake Professional at a cost of £50 + VAT per year online.