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Project Pictogram secures backing from commercial vehicle organisations

Project Pictogram secures backing from commercial vehicle organisations

One year after its launch to the business fleet community, Project Pictogram - Driving Safer Roads initiative has received a significant boost from three major trucking organisations.

Organisers of the fleet industry’s annual focal point Truck Fest is to support the Project Pictogram initiative at all of its eight regional 2017 shows, which collectively attract around 6,000 trucks and 250,000 enthusiast visitors.  

Additionally, the Road Haulage Association, which represents the 2.2 million people who work in the haulage and logistics industry, is also adding its support and sharing the initiative with members to encourage their participation; and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) has given Project Pictogram ‘associate’ member status, and is actively promoting the free-share guidelines and artwork files to its 4,000+ safety focused fleets, as FORS is rolled out to new cities across the UK.

The latest company to come on board is Raymond Brown, a leading recycling and waste management business, which is applying the Pictogram stickers to all 82 of its vehicles and will take the road safety messages into Hampshire schools as part of its Community Matters initiative.

Chief operating officer Steve Clasby said: “Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and engaging with the community has always been a key priority for our business. It creates an industry standard to which our fleet can align and ties in with the rebrand of our tipper lorries to a fresh new colour, promoting our commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our vehicles are clearly visible on roads.”  

Project Pictogram presents as pictograms, the ‘Fatal Factor’ driver behaviour risks present in almost all killed or serious injury collisions. The initiative then reaches-out to the fleet community asking them to effectively donate a small amount of advertising space on their lorry, coach, bus and van fleet back doors to display the five pictogram decals. By doing so, they provide daily on-road reminders of these key risks to all motorists on every journey.  

Project Pictogram leaders say that fleet alignment to the voluntary ‘industry standard’ will create the largest and most sustained advertising campaign ever directed at ‘Fatal Factor’ driver behaviour change. The payback to business comes through the road profit protection delivered through safer freer flowing roads.  

Project Pictogram has received national endorsement from leading road safety organisations including: Department for Transport Think!, RoSPA, Road Safety GB, IAM RoadSmart, Chief Fire Officers’ Association, Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, Association of British Insurers and British Insurance Brokers’ Association.

Full Project Pictogram guidelines and artwork files are available for free download from the web-page hosted at: www.hantsfire.gov.uk/project-pictogram