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M J Maillis UK sign sole supplier deal with TCH Leasing

M J Maillis UK sign sole supplier deal with TCH Leasing

TCH Leasing has won a sole-supplier agreement with M. J. Maillis UK to manage its 29-strong vehicle fleet.  

Located in Eastwood, Nottingham, and part of the Athens-based M. J. Maillis Group, M. J. Maillis UK is a world-leader in packaging machinery and consumables and manufactures end of line industrial packaging solutions for every conceivable application.  

M. J. Maillis UK, which operates a fleet of 26 cars, and three vans, made the decision to appoint TCH Leasing after conducting an internal benchmarking process that focused on price, service and vehicle management. 

In addition to surpassing all the required criteria demanded by M. J. Maillis, TCH Leasing was also appointed based on its ability to provide a robust accident management solution.  

Of particular importance was the company’s ‘One-Call’ service, whereby all the arrangements for a replacement vehicle, accident repair, etc. are taken care of via a single phone call via TCH leasing’s dedicated driver line.  

Jonathan Cooper, financial controller, M. J. Maillis, said: “We appointed TCH Leasing as it demonstrated the experience and the knowledge that was required to be our contract hire provider. Also, vehicle downtime is at a minimum via TCH Leasing’s ‘One-Call’ accident management solution, which is integral to ensuring that our customer’s requirements throughout the U.K. are met.”