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Secured Express achieves FORS gold accreditation

Secured Express achieves FORS gold accreditation

Secured Express, trading as Secured Mail, has achieved the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) gold standard.   

The company, part of The Delivery Group, is one of the largest eCommerce, postal and retail logistics businesses in the UK, collecting, sorting and delivering over 450 million items every year.  

 When looking for a standard against which to benchmark its operations, Secured Express opted for FORS. Recognised by many as the nationwide standard for best practice and continuous operational improvement, FORS accreditation represents the highest standards in the industry.  

Covering Royal Mail centres from Aberdeen, across the UK and Northern Ireland, down to Devon in the Southwest of England, the company carries post and packages across the UK.  

A 13% reduction in traffic incidents, and reduced driver turnover, are just a few of the ways that the company has benefitted from FORS membership.  

With 65 vehicles in the fleet, excluding company cars, the driver training opportunities have been particularly helpful to empower and upskill drivers, ensuring a consistent performance across the fleet, and satisfaction has resulted in lower driver turnover numbers, it is claimed.  

 With vans and lorries of varying sizes travelling over the UK, the company found that FORS acted as an important ‘badge of honour’, particularly when travelling through major cities including London, Manchester and Newcastle which have renewed their focus on safety and environmental issues.   

“FORS gold status demonstrates that our fleet operations are performing at the highest level. Safety is a priority for us, as we send our drivers across the country, so training our drivers and ensuring our vehicles are safe and efficient is really important,” said Scott Austin, Secured Mail’s quality and compliance manager.    There are now more than 200 FORS gold members.