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Car clubs drive interest in electric vehicles

Car clubs drive interest in electric vehicles

Car clubs may be a vital ‘shop window’ for encouraging interest and trial of electric vehicles, according to new research by Enterprise Car Club.  

It found that one in five (20%) members had already driven an electric vehicle, with around half of those (47%) admitting they chose the car deliberately as they were curious to try out a zero emission vehicle.  

In addition, a third of users (35%) chose to take an electric vehicle because they wanted a more environmentally-friendly transport option. Almost nine of out 10 car club users (86%) said they would be happy to use an electric car as part of their membership.  

The survey was carried out among more than 1,000 car club users, covering both businesses and individuals around the UK.  

Dan Gursel, managing director of Enterprise Car Club, said: “Rental is a great way for people to experiment with new vehicles and new technologies. A lot of people are interested in electric vehicles but, given the cost, might be unwilling to buy one without an extensive trial.  

“Car clubs give them that option - and also alleviate a lot of the concerns that still exist over electric vehicles, such as range and charging infrastructure, because those cars are hired by the hour. That means they tend to be used for short trips in and around cities where there’s going to be access to charging points.  

“Electric vehicles also add an extra level of sustainability to car clubs, which are already among the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective ways to get around by car: the vehicles are always new, regularly maintained and low-emission.”