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Iveco launches second-generation parts range for vans and trucks

Iveco launches second-generation parts range for vans and trucks

Iveco has launched its own second-generation parts line providing operators of light commercial vehicles and trucks - typically six years old or more - with what is claimed to be a competitively priced and growing range of new parts.

The full NEXPRO line-up is branded, certified and supplied by Iveco, and available exclusively from Iveco dealers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The line-up initially comprises common Iveco filter and brake part numbers. The range will continue to grow throughout the year as competitive items are added across key product areas.

All NEXPRO parts are stocked in the Iveco parts warehouse and logistics centre in Daventry, which offers next-day delivery to Iveco dealers nationwide. Dealers will also hold their own stock profiles, ready for immediate sale or fitment.

NEXPRO parts carry the same warranty terms as Iveco genuine parts when fitted in an authorised Iveco workshop.

Tom Glover, Iveco marketing manager - parts and services, said: “The launch of NEXPRO is in direct response to feedback from dealers and customers asking for access to a competitive range of parts to keep older vehicles safely and reliably on the road.

“Many aftermarket firms offer second-generation parts with varying levels of quality, so for an operator it can be hard to have confidence in what you are buying. In contrast, NEXPRO stands out for carrying the Iveco seal of approval and an Iveco warranty, plus dealers are likely to have the parts on the shelf, minimising vehicle downtime.”