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Brake publishes new ‘grey fleet’ management best practice guide

Brake publishes new ‘grey fleet’ management best practice guide

Road safety charity Brake has published new guidance on ‘grey fleet’ management for fleet managers and HR professionals, in collaboration with Ambit.  

The guide, ‘Managing the Grey Fleet’ - employees that drive their own cars on business trips - is being billed as “essential reading” for all professionals with responsibility for managing the complexities around running a ‘grey fleet’. The report is one of a series, produced by Brake which aim to help fleet managers reduce their road risk.

The guidance report outlines the risks involved with ‘grey fleets’, and includes an industry case study. Practical advice on how companies can strive to eliminate road risk for their employees is also presented through best practice guidance.  

In addition, advice laid out in the report focuses on why a comprehensive ‘grey fleet’ policy is crucial in every organisation.  

Ross Moorlock, business development director at Brake, said: “Every organisation has a responsibility for the safety of employees who drive their own vehicle for work. This essential guidance report outlines ways in which organisations can make simple improvements to manage their at work road risk; a crucial read for every company.”  

Drew Spellar, commercial head at Ambit, which has developed the Ambit App for anyone responsible for workplace driving, said: “Driving for work, particularly when it is in an employee’s own vehicle, is often overlooked by organisations. By highlighting the risks, responsibilities and actions that can be taken to reduce the risk, this report helps support safer workplace driving for all road users.”

The guide is available free of charge to all Brake Professional members through www.brakepro.org. Non-members can order the resources from the Brake shop, or join Brake Professional from £50 + VAT per year online.