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AA to launch vehicle breakdown online reporting

AA to launch vehicle breakdown online reporting

Drivers will be able to report a vehicle breakdown online thanks to new technology from the AA, which has won an award for its user-centric design process - even before it has launched.

The new digital functionality, currently being developed by the AA, won the User Experience UK’ (UXUK) award for Best Effect On Business Goals - thanks to the improved experience it offers to both customers and staff.

Once the service launches, customers will be able to visit the AA’s website - www.theAA.com - on any device at the roadside to request help and then track the patrol’s progress in getting to them.

The process has been developed following extensive testing with real users to develop an experience that is streamlined, accessible and as driver-friendly as possible.

Currently, AA members can get help with their breakdown by phone or via the AA app, which, like the new online process, uses GPS to pinpoint their location and lets them choose from a list of faults, which helps patrols deliver the best possible service.

James Frost, chief innovation officer at the AA, said: “Reporting a breakdown online helps to improve the experience for our members, saving them time and making our service even more accessible. Enabling members to request help via digital channels as well as the telephone also helps our emergency call operators to focus on the cases where a caller may be in danger.

“Delivering the best possible service to our members is something we constantly strive to do, so we’re proud to have built an efficient new breakdown reporting functionality that will reflect this, and which our members will be able to use and trust as much as they do our patrols.”