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A third of all company cars to be electrified in four years

A third of all company cars to be electrified in four years

A third of all company cars will be electric or plug-in hybrid by 2022, according to a survey of fleet managers.  

What’s more, the percentage is forecasted to have reached 50% by 2027, according to the survey of 150 fleet managers by Kia.  

Changing legislation, including increases in vehicle taxation, as well as the government’s decision that all new vehicles should be plug-in or hybrid by 2040 are key influencers in the swing to electric power with two-thirds of fleet managers saying they were anxious about purchasing a car without an electrified powertrain.

But plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars provide their very own problems for fleet managers who collectively bought more than one million cars in 2016.  

Of the managers interviewed for the survey 55% said the UK’s present vehicle recharging infrastructure wasn’t good enough. However, with battery lifestyles and charging infrastructure anticipated to improve by means of 2021, fleet managers stated they anticipated electric vehicles to be operated by their organisations within the next four years.  

For managers not currently operating plug-in cars, 41% said they looked unprofessional, while 27% said they were too expensive and 20% admitted that they didn’t understand enough about the technology.

Kia’s fleet boss John Hargreaves, said: “As more and more organisations embrace new technologies for the vehicles in their fleets - from electric vehicles/plug-in hybrids to ‘assisted driving’ and ‘semi-automated driving’, traditional powertrains are becoming less likely to be considered the default option in fleet purchasing decisions.”  

Following publication of the study,  LeasePlan UK managing director Matt Dyer said: “For LeasePlan, electric vehicles are what’s next. We have already started working towards our ambition that all our global employees will be driving electric cars by 2021, plus encouraging our customers to also make the switch.

“Over half the cars on the road belong to companies and making the transition to an electric fleet is one of the easiest ways for businesses to lower their emissions and to help tackle climate change.”