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Vauxhall’s RoadTrip app keeps journeys on track

Vauxhall’s RoadTrip app keeps journeys on track

Vauxhall has launched new features to its RoadTrip app which its claims will make it easier for drivers to log, submit and track business mileage.

An Auto Start/Stop function means journeys can be tracked using GPS with the process further simplified by auto saving locations and journeys, building a list of favourites to choose from.  

Ready to use on iPhones, iPads and Android devices, the RoadTrip app has been specially-developed for business drivers. The free to download and use app also has a number of features to make tracking journeys and creating mileage claims easier.  

The app produces previews of expense reports that can then either be exported as an Excel file or emailed as CSV files. It is also designed to reduce errors and make accounting for business trips more accurate. All essential data can be backed up, password protected and accessed on other devices.  

“With our RoadTrip app, tracking, logging and submitting business mileage is simple,” said James Taylor, Vauxhall fleet sales director. “We want to make the lives of business drivers easier and strive to provide the best products and services to make this possible.”  

The RoadTrip app can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play Store by searching for ‘Vauxhall RoadTrip’.