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Scottish Government launches consultation to reform vehicle parking

Scottish Government launches consultation to reform vehicle parking

The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation on parking with the aim of delivering a consistent approach to managing parking across the country.

The consultation, which runs to 30 June, seeks views on how the clarity of the laws on parking can be improved, what restrictions should be applied, the exceptions that should be granted, how those responsible can deliver an integrated approach to managing parking, how the displacement of vehicles should be tackled and how town centre regeneration can be supported whilst improving accessibility for all.  

Commenting on launch of the consultation, RAC roads policy spokesman Nick Lyes said:
“The RAC welcomes this consultation from the Scottish Government on improving parking. Parking is an emotive issue and certainly inconsiderate parking is as much a frustration to most drivers as it is to other road and pavement users.  

“However, it is vitally important that a balance is struck. While many motorists recognise that blocking pavement access for pedestrians and vulnerable road users is totally unacceptable, they also understand that are times where a wheel on the kerb may be necessary to prevent narrow roads from becoming blocked, providing there is sufficient space left on the pavement.  

“There has to be a good dose of common sense when taking these proposals forward. The RAC will continue to engage with Transport Scotland on this area to make sure changes to the laws are clear for Scottish motorists.”  

The consultation document can be viewed at https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/road-policy/improving-parking-in-scotland/