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Prestige launches VehicleTrak to give fleets greater vehicle downtime control

Prestige launches VehicleTrak to give fleets greater vehicle downtime control

Prestige Fleet Servicing has added a new VehicleTrak function to its mainstream Unity operating platform to provide fleet managers with greater transparency over the progress of work in the service maintenance and repair (SMR) pipeline. 

Using VehicleTrak, Prestige fleet clients can now view in real time the progress of SMR work on all their vehicles on local bespoke dashboards, allowing them to assess the rate of progress of jobs in the system.  

As the new tool provides a clearer picture of the whereabouts of their vehicles in the system, how long they will be off the road and how soon before they will be operable again, vehicle downtime management is improved considerably.  

Fleet managers can then plan contingencies, such as replacement vehicles or short term rentals, if their vehicles are going to be off-road for longer than first anticipated to ensure drivers are not left stranded or work commitments unfulfilled.  

The enhancement builds on the functionality of the Unity platform which brings a number of benefits for service centres as well as fleet users. The Unity platform is at the hub of the Prestige SMR network, and all service centres within its network of around 340 outlets can access it as part of their standard agreement.

Additionally, for fleet clients, an enhanced suite of management information reports are now available to provide detailed analysis of SMR work times and costs.  
Fleet clients can now see overall average invoice values, the average cost of invoices by manufacturer, model and derivative, tyre condition and tyre costs, vehicle condition reports and online booking trends.  

Prestige operations director Nick Hutton said:” VehicleTrak will provide fleet managers with greater transparency over their vehicles’ whereabouts in the pipeline and allow them to plan vehicle downtime more effectively.  

“This, along with our other enhancements to the Unity platform, has helped deliver an assortment of real benefits to both fleet and service centre managers.  

“We are delivering on our commitment to provide service centres with the capability to speed up the SMR process from authorisation to completion, while at the same time providing our fleet customers with greater transparency and more detailed analysis of all work our network carries out on their behalf.”