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FORS Practitioner Recertification - free workshop for operators

FORS Practitioner Recertification - free workshop for operators

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is reminding its members to renew their FORS Practitioner qualification, with a new, free, one-day recertification workshop.

FORS Practitioner status is granted to those who complete all nine workshops in the FORS Practitioner series.  

The workshops are designed to encourage operators to become safer, greener and more efficient. Available to any FORS accredited operator, the workshops cover all aspects of fleet management, ensuring companies are equipped and able to implement the latest industry best practice.  

The qualification is valid for five years, with the first certificates awarded in 2012. FORS has now launched a new FORS Practitioner Recertification workshop aimed at those wishing to renew their certification before it expires this year without retaking all nine workshops. As with all FORS Practitioner training, the workshops are provided free of charge to current FORS accredited operators as part of their membership.

The first workshops take place on Thursday, 8 June and Thursday, 14 September in London and will provide delegates with the chance to get an in-depth view into changes to the FORS Standard and to refresh essential skills required to achieve best practice. It is only available to those who have already completed the FORS Practitioner series, and whose certification is expiring.  

Anne Johnson, FORS operations director, said: “We are delighted to introduce the FORS Practitioner Recertification workshop for those Practitioners whose certification is about to expire. With more than 600 people now having completed the entire series of workshops, we wished to provide a simple way for them to refresh their knowledge, acknowledging the efforts they have already taken to raise standards in their companies.”  

Providing specific guidance on the evidence needed to achieve FORS Silver and Gold accreditation, the workshop is also essential for those companies wishing to achieve or retain Gold accreditation, which requires at least one manager to have achieved FORS Practitioner status or completed a CPC refresher course.  

Workshops are provided by FORS Professional, which offers a suite of funded training and free guidance materials to FORS members as part of their membership. Supplying toolkits, Toolbox Talks, training opportunities, eLearning and more, training are also all a crucial part of FORS accreditation, recognising the benefits that training at all levels can have on operations.  

For more information, or to register for a FORS Practitioner Recertification workshop, email [email protected]