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DVLA plans launch of digital driving licence

DVLA plans launch of digital driving licence

The continuing digitalisation of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) services will include during 2017/18 the ability of drivers to check their driving licence on their smart phone.

The DVLA’s newly published ‘Business Plan 2017/18’ suggests that by September it will have developed a private beta service delivering “a quick, easy and secure service to allow customers to view a representation of their driving licence on their smartphone”.  

Drivers will be in control of their data and it can be used to share and validate driver information with trusted third parties through a secure website. However, the service will not replace the full driving licence.  

The digital licence service will only be available to driving licence holders who have authenticated themselves on GOV.UK Verify through the existing ‘View Driving Licence’ service. This service will be available 24/7, wherever the driver has a web connection.  

Reacting to news that drivers may be able to store their driving licence on their smartphone as early as 2018, RAC spokesman Pete Williams said: “The majority of motorists will welcome this advance as a positive step embracing technology and making it easier and more convenient.

“Drivers will just need to be reassured that it is totally safe and will not lead to increased fraud or abuse. It is also important to note that this electronic licence is not a replacement for the plastic licence and it will still be necessary for drivers to carry that with them as the digital licence will only be available where there is a web connection.”