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Vehicle check app released allowing businesses to manage their fleet in real time

Vehicle check app released allowing businesses to manage their fleet in real time

Crewe-based Radius Payment Solutions has launched a bespoke vehicle check app for businesses which it hopes will save fleets time and money by both improving health and safety and reducing vehicle downtime.  

Integrated with the company’s online vehicle management portal, Velocity, and its Kinesis telematics system, the app can help identify issues with vehicles, before they become a major problem.

The Velocity Vehicle Check has been designed to make it easier for both drivers and fleet managers to ensure all business vehicles are legally compliant and safe to drive on UK roads.  

The launch comes after a campaign by Highways England found traffic officers dealt with more than 85,000 breakdowns on roads they patrolled every year. Over the past two years, it identified more than 40% of breakdowns were caused by issues including; poor tyre maintenance, running out of fuel, power loss and engine trouble, all of which could have been diagnosed and avoided with Radius’ new app, it is claimed.  

Currently, HGV vehicle walk around checks are mandatory by law in Ireland with the UK government planning to make them a legal requirement by June 2018.

Bill Holmes, chief executive at Radius Payment Solutions, said: “We are launching a bespoke vehicle check app for our customers to ensure the condition of their vehicles is safe enough for use on our roads.  

“With more than 10,000 minor accidents occurring each day, we want to equip businesses with the best tools for the job. This technology will ensure checks are made on vehicles, making sure they are running without fault and meeting all legal requirements. In addition to this, the tool is completely free and should cut costs to businesses by reducing downtime and roadside breakdowns.     

“Built into our web-based system, Velocity, fleet managers can now rest assured their drivers are carrying out the necessary checks in real time, making the administration processes easier, as well as contributing to safer roads in the UK.”  

The app offers a holistic system to ensure vehicles are well maintained and streamlines the checking process for businesses by enabling automated, paperless reports which can be reviewed by fleet managers in real time.   

The system works for all vehicle types with fleet managers setting up automated questions for drivers to process before getting behind the wheel. Fleet managers are able to differentiate these questions depending on the vehicle to ensure all the necessary checks are carried out and all vehicles are legally compliant.  

For any queries which have been rejected by the driver, such as a faulty brake light, the driver is able to upload an image through the app as evidence. On completion, checks can be submitted and processed and any issues generate an alert, enabling fleet managers to check live reports on individual vehicles. 

The Vehicle Checker app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or via Google Play.