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New Enterprise Car Club mobile app offers new functions and better access to mobility

New Enterprise Car Club mobile app offers new functions and better access to mobility

Members of Enterprise Car Club, the UK’s largest privately owned car club, now have access to a faster, more feature-rich mobile app, which is also available for the first time on Android as well as iOS.  

New, enhanced features are said to make it even easier for both business and personal users to make and manage their bookings.  

To support the growing number of business car club users, who are also using Enterprise Car Club for personal travel, the app now enables people with both business and personal accounts to find the car they need at the touch of a button and access the vehicle with their mobile phone from the same app.  

The app is free to download and provides access to Enterprise Car Club’s fleet of 1,300 vehicles, located in on-street bays and car parks in 23 cities and many towns throughout the UK.  

Specifically, the new app includes:
  • Business/personal toggle - switch between business and personal accounts          
  • Geolocation - quickly find vehicles closest to your location using the automatic locater or searching by proximity to famous landmarks          
  • Feature search – if needing a vehicle with a sat nav or Bluetooth, can now filter search by features          
  • Increased security - log into the app with a new secure password once and it will remember for future use         
  • Mobile reservations - create, modify or cancel reservations from a phone in just a few clicks. View current rental or extend reservation.  

Users can unlock and access the cars via the app on their mobile phones as well as with their membership access cards. That adds another layer of service and convenience for Enterprise Car Club users, providing all the benefits of accessing a vehicle 24/7, whenever needed.  

Enterprise has also integrated its car club services with its daily rental branches across the UK. That is so that business customers can sign up to Enterprise Car Club and gain access to fleet and expert advice, 24/7, at their local branch as to whether hourly rental might be a preferable choice to daily rental.  

At the same time as the new app, Enterprise Car Club has also enhanced its website to offer similar functionality, including the improved search and booking tools.

Dan Gursel, managing director of Enterprise Car Club, said: “Car clubs are all about ease and convenience, which is why this new app is so useful. It allows users to make and manage their bookings while they’re out and about, ensures they quickly find the right vehicle and works for both business and personal rentals.  

“We designed the new app and website after listening to feedback from our members to ensure it had the features and functionality they most wanted to see. Our business is all about providing excellent service for our members, and this technology makes our service smoother, faster and instantly available at the touch of a button.”