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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a ‘glass act’ for Laddaw

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a ‘glass act’ for Laddaw

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a clear winner in the reliability and carrying capacity stakes for Laddaw, the wholesale and distribution arm of vehicle glass repair and replacement company Autoglass.  

A long-term customer for the multi-award-winning model, Laddaw is now running its first Euro6 versions. All Sprinter 314 CDIs, the 17 new vans arrived via supplier Intercounty Truck & Van, which also delivered 24 Sprinters last year.  

Laddaw operates from a purpose-designed head office and distribution centre in Coalville, Leicestershire, as well as 20 branches nationwide. Its main facility houses the UK’s widest range of automotive glass and related accessories; every day, some 15,000 products are handled across its network.  

Laddaw supplies the general trade as well as serving Autoglass - both are part of the Belron Group, the world leader in the sector. The company also has a dedicated specialist glazing division, Autoglass Specials, which repairs and replaces glass on all types of vehicles and transport ranging from trains to trucks, and from combine harvesters to coaches.  

Like all of those commissioned last year, the latest 3.5-tonne Sprinters at Laddaw have replaced older examples which it has stood down. The company runs a fleet of approximately 80 Sprinters, which are the subject of three-year lease agreements with a third-party provider. By the end of this period each will typically have covered 125,000 miles.  

Melvin Rolling, head of facilities for Autoglass and Laddaw, said: “Our experience over several years has confirmed the Sprinter to be outstandingly reliable, durable and cost-effective to operate, as well as liked by our drivers.”

The long-bodied vans are fitted with customised racking systems which are exceptionally light, allowing the operator to maximise payloads. They carry front and rear windscreens and body glass for a huge range of vehicles, as well as adhesives and other ancillaries.  

“We used to run the medium-length Sprinter and retain a handful of these, but business growth prompted a switch to the long variant,” continued Mr Rolling. “It is the ideal size for our distribution operation, which includes making night-time deliveries to ‘stock locations’.  

“We supply many of our products to fulfil specific orders, so it’s imperative that our distribution operation is fast and efficient - our customers’ customers are relying on us.”