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AA Route Planner introduces new online mileage calculator

AA Route Planner introduces new online mileage calculator

The AA has launched a new online tool linked to its Route Planner to help employees accurately calculate mileage expense claims.

Introduction of AA Mileage Calculator comes amid claims in research conducted by TomTom Business Solutions that 46% of drivers have over-estimated their mileage when claiming expenses, with 35% doing so regularly.

The AA says that as companies increasingly crack down on expense claims, employees are left with the difficult job of trying to work out accurate business mileage.

The AA says that its new Mileage Calculator will help companies and employees keep within HM Revenue and Customs rules by providing accurate figures for mileage expense claims.
To use the tool, employees must enter the route driven, including the return route if applicable, and the company approved expense per mile. AA Route Planner will then automatically calculate the overall mileage and claim amount. Multiple routes can be calculated and the list can be printed off to support expense claims.
Drivers can also calculate the fuel cost for their journey by adding the cost per litre and the average mpg.
AA president Edmund King said: “Claiming business mileage can be a contentious and confusing issue. The AA Route Planner is one of the most well respected, precise route planners available and by using this data claimants and businesses can keep within the law by ensuring that the figures are accurate and from a reliable source.”
The AA Mileage Calculator can be found at http://www.theaa.com/driving/mileage-calculator.jsp