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Motorists applaud plans to install electric vehicle charging points at petrol stations

Motorists applaud plans to install electric vehicle charging points at petrol stations

A new survey reveals that 85% of motorists would now consider buying an electric vehicle or choosing one as their company car.  

The figure has been revealed in research by Venson Automotive Solutions as a result of a government announcement that it is putting in place new measures to improve provision of electric vehicle charge points as part of the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, and combined with news from Total and Shell that they will be making charging points a standard feature at their petrol stations.  

Although the commitment by industry and government to remove electric vehicle purchasing barriers is having a positive influence, the survey also highlighted that a focus on educating motorists on the ownership benefits - over and above environmental benefits - was still needed.   

41% of those surveyed said their general lack of knowledge about the total cost or convenience of owning an electric vehicle impacted their decision making.   

Venson is now urging fleet managers to play a vital role in creating a UK-wide low carbon vehicle parc, by arming employees with the tools needed to make an informed company car ownership choice.

Venson’s survey findings reported that the lack of charge points across the UK had been the biggest deterrents for motorists (69%), when it came to buying or choosing an electric vehicle;  a concern that was set to become redundant, thanks to the likes of Total and Shell.  

Limited mileage range came second (61%), with the cost of charging the vehicle (42%) in third place.  

Interestingly, women (31%) were more reluctant than men (15%) to consider buying or leasing an electric vehicle because of the lack of opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.   

The cost of insuring an electric vehicle was one of the lowest concerns, with only 19% of motorists seeing that as a deterrent and battery safety fears the least of motorists’ electric vehicle worries.  

Venson Automotive Solutions is in a partnership with EO Charging to lead the way in making hybrid and pure electric cars and vans more accessible for fleet managers.  

Their CleanFleet solution is a four-part service designed to help businesses and fleet managers make the transition to ‘greener’ vehicles with greater confidence and accountability.  

Alison Bell, marketing director of Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “It’s really encouraging to see that public attitudes to electric vehicles are significantly shifting, as the industry invests in the necessary infrastructure. Clearly, Total and Shell’s move to install more charging points is critical in giving motorists the confidence when it comes to choosing electric vehicle or hybrid.  

“Having been involved with electric vehicles since 2008 - Venson was the first leasing company to hold a drive electric day involving manufacturers, charging providers and fleet drivers - we are proud to be the first leasing provider to work with EO Charging on CleanFleet.  

“Venson is committed to promoting ‘greener’ fleets and helping businesses make the shift to electric and hybrid vehicles. With our survey suggesting that company car drivers are now, more than ever, interested in electric vehicles as an alternative choice, we can help organisations meet this need. Together we aim to help more businesses reduce the cost of their fleet and focus on operating a cleaner, ‘greener ‘fleet.”