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Jaama to highlight sophisticated new software functionality at 2017 CV Show

Jaama to highlight sophisticated new software functionality at 2017 CV Show

Fleet industry asset management software system provider Jaama will be showcasing new functionality introduced to its multi award-winning web-based vehicle, driver and workshop management solution Key2 at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show.  

Jaama exhibited at the Show for the first time last year and such was the interest from fleet decision-makers, transport operators, senior managers and engineers in its industry-leading Key2 technology that it is returning in 2017.

This year’s Commercial Vehicle Show is once again being held at the NEC in Birmingham, from April 25-27.  

Jaama invests more than £2 million per year on software development that keeps Key2 at the cutting edge of management solutions and that has continued with the introduction of vehicle inspection sheets within the Workshop touchscreen module.  

The touchscreen application allows technicians to view their work allocation and record their time against each vehicle work item.  

In addition, a technician is able to complete a vehicle service/inspection checklist sheet, which is fully configurable/customisable. Each check on the list has three options - completed, requires attention or not applicable - and if a technician’s work on a vehicle service/inspection is interrupted the sophisticated technology will return to the appropriate page on resumption. On completion, checklist sheets are stored against the Key2 Workshop job sheet.  

A further development by Jaama is its new ‘My Vehicle App’. A genuine fleet and transport industry game-changer, it delivers benefits to managers thanks to ‘auto-triggering’, as well as simplifying tasks for drivers.  

Unlike other apps, ‘My Vehicle App’ not only provide drivers with information. Critically, data/information uploaded by drivers via the app automatically updates data/information and populates records held within Jaama’s Key2 asset management system.

Current app functionality includes:           
Your vehicle(s) - information on vehicle(s) currently allocated to an individual driver.          

Update Distance - the option allows individual users to update their vehicle’s odometer reading daily. Once entered the data automatically updates a driver’s record within Key2 activating automated processes if parameters are triggered.  
Daily checks - like the ‘Update Distance’ page, the ‘Daily Checks’ page displays a driver’s currently selected allocated vehicle. It contains a scrollable list of vehicle internal, external and fluid inspection checks that must be performed daily prior to any journey. A ‘comments’ box appears for any notes to be entered alongside each check to indicate any rectification required. Once again the information automatically populates the vehicle/asset record within Key2 and triggers in-house rule sets and notification such service, maintenance and repair procedures.   

Contact numbers and accident assistance information relating to: breakdown recovery, tyres and punctures, windscreen and glass and accidents/incidents.

Accidents page - as above, but vitally provides the option to upload photographs of the accident/incident and prompts to drivers to capture the following information: date/time of accident/incident, accident/incident summary notes, date reported, type of claim and vehicle status. That information, as well as the photos, is automatically downloaded to Key2   

Finally, a level of personalisation gives each fleet via their own Key2 Today ‘dashboards’ a graphical headline view of all vehicle and driver business critical data which can be drilled into via the graphs.

Within the module, transport managers can configure groups and allocate user-based permissions per dashboard page, auto-refresh the dashboard content at predefined durations, link from the charts to individual records and view and expand and export chart details.  

With a raft of standard dashboard widgets, the information immediately available at transport managers’ fingertips helps further streamline operations thus driving fleet efficiencies.  

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “Many commercial vehicle fleets have invested in our Key2 technology to improve operating efficiencies and compliance as they realise current practices are no longer suitable due to ever changing business and legislative demands.  

“Whether historically using a spreadsheet system or outdated software, many organisations have recognised that if they ‘spend to save’ they will reap significant cost savings and administration efficiencies and meet their compliance obligations.  

“Jaama’s continual investment in introducing new features to Key2 - many introduced at the request of commercial vehicle operators - means the technology is at the cutting-edge enabling managers to drive down costs and increase vehicle operation efficiency.”