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EV recharging | 13 DECEMBER 2018

BP Chargemaster forecourt network to change the face of EV recharging in 2019

The 2019 arrival of BP Chargemaster’s new ultra-rapid charging network is set to change the face of electric vehicle recharging, it is claimed.

Next year, some electric cars from makers such as Audi will be beating Teslas for mid-journey charge times, with much less expensive family electric vehicles from the likes of Hyundai, Kia and Nissan sure to follow.

Legendary acceleration and fast charging have long been two of the proudest boasts of Tesla drivers, it is claimed. But now, according to independent electric-vehicle advice site, the tables were about to turn when it came to charging speed.

That’s due to the imminent rollout of a new network of 150kW charging points, at filling stations across the UK. BP Chargemaster has developed technology that is claimed will offer the fastest top-ups to date for electric cars, and it’s about to be installed on forecourts in 2019.

The new ultra-rapid chargers were even faster than the Tesla Supercharger system, enabling cars like the new Audi e-tron to charge up from 20 to 200 miles of range in under 30 minutes.

Vicky Parrott, an associate editor of, said the move heralded another major step toward electric vehicles entering the mainstream, where driver convenience was vital for encouraging widespread adoption.

She said: “As soon as BP Chargemaster revealed their plans to us, it was a game-changer. Even now that electric vehicle choice, price and range are coming within reach of ordinary motorists, everyone knows that one of the factors still making drivers hesitate is mid-journey charging time.

“Cutting the time it takes to get back on the road to within the space of a short comfort and coffee break will remove another barrier to adoption by significantly cutting longer journey times.”

Ms Parrott continued: “People tell us that range on a single charge is their biggest worry, but when you dig deeper you find that if a much faster charge is possible, it goes a long way toward reducing that concern.

“The imminent arrival of BP Chargemaster’s new ultra-rapid charging network can only add momentum to the pure electric-car market as it heads for a breakthrough into mainstream motoring.”

Confirming the plans to introduce the fastest electric vehicle charging system yet, Tom Callow, of BP Chargemaster, said: “BP believes that fast and convenient charging is critical to support the successful adoption of electric vehicles.

“In 2019, BP Chargemaster will begin the rollout of 150kW ultra-rapid chargers on BP forecourts, which will provide the fastest rate of charging for electric cars currently on the market.

“The rollout of 150kW ultra-rapid chargers will complement BP Chargemaster’s existing network of 50kW rapid chargers and destination charges, which will continue to be expanded. The planning for the forecourt rollout is underway and we will be communicating further details when we can.”

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