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This section covers ACFO press articles

Drive Time: Expert Panel Article - Why a trade association is vital to help fleet decision-makers run their transport operations?

Associations are regularly featured within the news, but what do they actually do for fleets? How can they make the job of running your company vehicles easier? We wanted to know more, so we approac...


Health Business – A fleet update for vehicles in the NHS

John Pryor of ACFO discusses fleet management, examining the different options available for fleet managers and how to reduce whole life costs for fleets in the NHS.To read more: http://healthbusine...


Government Business: Calculating the cost of effective fleet management

John Pryor of ACFO examines what to consider when looking at buying low-emission and alternatively-fuelled vehicles, using whole-life costs as the basis of good selection and value.To read more: ...


Employee Benefits - Fleet Roundtable

ACFO Chairman John Pryor recently took part in the employee benefits magazine fleet debate - a full report can be found by clicking below - the report appears from page 47 onwards.  http://dig...