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Manufacturer maintenance information and recalls are part and parcel of all fleets, this section provides key Manufacturer information, such as ACFO's guidance notes to Vehicle Recalls.

Volkswagen Emissions Recall

The scale of this emissions recall is without precedent. Although the news broke in the USA, this is a global problem for the Volkswagen group.  The brands known to be affected are Audi, Sea...


Information about Diesel Particulate Filters

Reviewed 11.11.14 - Do you know what a DPF is? This document explains what they are, how they work and what you need to do to ensure you get the maximum benefit from this technology ....


ACFO Guidance Notes - Vehicle Recalls

Reviewed 11.11.14 - ACFO has  produced the following notes relating to the vehicle recall process, to set out the basic principles of the system, how it works and key pointers on wh...